Environment-friendly (solid) phenolic resin

  • Product name : Environment-friendly (solid) phenolic resin
  • Product Categories : Phenolic resin for coated sand
  • Company name : Zibo Shuanghe chemical industry technology co., ltd

The use of this type of resin in combination with high-strength resin can effectively reduce the consumption of urotropine; It is more suitable for automatic sand mixing line, and the amount of irritating gas produced by coated sand in the process of core making and casting can be reduced by more than 50%, which effectively reduces the probability of blowholes and is conducive to improving the working environment of coated sand manufacturing and casting industry.

technical parameter



Curing time(s/150℃)

Product features




Storage stability

matters need attention

■ This product is prone to moisture and caking, and should be stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight.

■ As the storage time increases, the color of the resin will become darker, but other indexes of the resin will not be affected.

Packaging and storage

■ This product is packed in woven bags with inner bags or tons of bags with inner bags. The net packing weight is 40kg/ bag, 250kg/ bag and 500kg/ bag.

■ It should be stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place, and it is easy to get wet after unpacking and packaging is damaged, so it should be used immediately.

■ It can be stored for 3 months at 25°C and below.

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