Environmental protection (liquid) phenolic resin

  • Product name : Environmental protection (liquid) phenolic resin
  • Product Categories : Phenolic resin for coated sand
  • Company name : Zibo Shuanghe chemical industry technology co., ltd

When this type of resin and high strength resin are used together, the consumption of urotropine can be reduced by more than 70%, and the amount of irritating gas produced by coated sand in the process of core making and casting can be reduced by more than 50%. It can effectively improve the working environment of foundry enterprises and reduce the emission of harmful gases.

technical parameter



Solid Content(%/160℃/3g)


Curing Time(S/150℃)

Product features







matters need attention

■ This product is liquid resin to prevent spillage.

■ Please wear relevant protective articles during use to avoid direct contact with skin.

Packaging and storage

■ This product is packed in galvanized iron drums or plastic drums, and the net packing weight is 240kg/ steel drum and 25kg/ plastic drum.

■ It should be stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place, and beware of broken barrels. After being damaged, it should be used immediately.

■ It can be stored for 30 days below 15°C, and direct sunlight is prohibited.

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