Etching Liquid

  • Product name : Etching Liquid
  • Product Categories : Etching Liquid
  • Company name : Zibo Shuanghe chemical industry technology co., ltd

The company mainly acts as an agent for cleaning agents, etching solutions and other products of INSTAR CO., LTD. of South Korea.Specializing in providing silicon product surface cleaning, etching and other products for semiconductor manufacturers.In recent years, with the continuous development of semiconductor circuit miniaturization, the requirements for the removal of particle and metal contamination during the cleaning process of quartz and silicon wafers have become increasingly higher.The etching liquids and cleaning agents imported by our company can meet the process requirements for removing impurities from silicon rings, silicon wafers, and quartz materials in semiconductor manufacturing.It is a solution provider for cleaning semiconductor materials and silicon products.

Main components of products

sulphuric acid




potassium carbonate


potassium pyrophosphate


ammonium hydrogen fluoride


Dioxypentyl ring


potassium nitrate


Ammonium persulfate


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